Why The Project Needs Contributors…

Every little bit supports every part of this project.

Let’s start off with the most common statement often heard when it comes to spending money… “Nothing in this world is free.” Or maybe you have heard the other saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Energy is not free and exposure doesn’t pay bills. This collection is essential in celebrating Expectants of Color that are not often celebrated. Being a world traveller, I very seldomly see representation of me. This world needs to see more of the common and less of the chosen. The world is diverse and it needs to see every shade, especially the populations with extra Melanin.

Who really benefits…

While I would love to take care of everyone interested in receiving a special day with The Melanin Bump and those who collaborate with the project to make the behind the scenes magic happen, the reality is that it will cost to do so and make this project successful. I simply don’t have the luxury to be the community for all the women I would love to support. It takes a village to raise a child, while it takes a community to uplift their mother. The community needs to come together to help a momma in need as it does society good.

What help can a contributor make…

Contributors help to fund the Manis and Pedis, and contributors for the hair and makeup. The contributors are able to gift participating Mommas with a small gift to help her as a new mom, once her baby is earthside. We need contributors for the collaborates that will support the project with design work or equipment usage.

Everyone’s time and talents in the project are valuable and should be compensated for their contributions because the reality is that everyone has expenses to cover. The goal of the project is to promote an experience that gives, and gives abundantly. However, accomplishing such goal should not deplete or take from the households that are offering services, performing tasks, and/or providing their time and talents. 

This project needs all the help to help everyone involved. We’re all here to support each other. That’s what fuels a thriving community. Join our community today. Become a Sharer, Contributor, Collaborator, or all three

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