Why ‘The Melanin Bump’…

As a Mom of Color, a Photographer of Color, a Yogini of Color, I often struggled to receive services to capture me and my journey during my own pregnancy. I would enter medical offices and I never saw me or representation of me, even though the other Moms in the waiting room were also Women of Color. When you looked at the wall of pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, or birthday cards, you very rarely, if at all, saw any children of color.

Though the pictures were super adorable and admirable, it was something I wished I could have for myself. A moment to be captured professionally. A keepsake that could be given to friends and family. I wanted my child to be seen by other Moms of Color. I wanted representation for Mothers due after me. I wanted to see more Melanin and more Melanin children. 

The name was chosen because of its ability to capture everyone while appealing to those with more Melanin than others. Everyone produces Melanin. That’s the beauty of the inclusivity of the word. While societally the word ‘Melanin’ has been largely associated to People of Color and descendants of those who are in Sun rich areas that foster more Melanin production, the fact is that we all produce it.

The goal of this campaign and project is to help raise more support for those who wish to capture their journey for it to be proudly be displayed for the world to experience and for others to feel encouraged and represented.

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