Welcome to the Digital World of Bumps

Pregnant women are all around us. Many of them tell a story you would never know unless you asked. So much happens during a pregnancy, especially to the woman on the journey to meet the soul she is creating. With all that is happening, The Melanin Bump aims to help those too busy and unable to afford themselves the opportunity to capture their Bump.

The Melanin Bump strives to treat a Mom-to-Be with a little BeautiCare treatment, a nutritious lunch, and an afternoon or evening in front of the camera. After her maternity shoot, we hope to gift her a small token for her willingness to be cared for and for a need she may have once baby arrives.

When a Mom-to-Be feels supported, she ultimately feels good and that releases good hormones into baby’s development. When she receives good treatment, relaxation can settle into the body and that too is great for baby’s development. The Melanin Bump is a collection that not only captures the pregnancy bumps but a community effort to support those who are in need during their pregnancy. Consider helping one of our Melanin Bumps.

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