Meet Sonija Parson. She is based in Washington DC and will be welcoming another boy to her family. She will be birthing at home, supported by her husband. 

She is a teacher, soccer and lacrosse coach and birthworker. She loves her family, passionate about midwifery, and enjoys sports, eating, and enjoying this beautiful life! She learn about the project via a Doula group and has never had a maternity shoot. Cost and schedule made the securing a maternity shoot difficult for the Parsons. She wanted to receive a maternity shoot to cherish memories, awareness of healthy brown mommy-representation matters! Of course, she has a great smile.
Sonija feels that the project will help expectants of color with exposure, positive images and story telling, the inclusive and beautiful birth photography. 
Here’s a few responses from Sonija’s interview. 
What is something you’re looking forward to experiencing with your baby?
Gentle and uncomplicated pregnancy and birth.
What are concerns or fears you may have surrounding your birth? and your journey as a Mom?
Everything… but I also have strong faith in God.
What are your thoughts and/or feelings about the care expectants of color receive during the birth experience?
I deserve the best, just like the rest! I feel informed and positively supported.
What could be something that would best help an Mom of color be more supported?
Hearing and seeing other moms of color being supported and centered!
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