Jessica Taylor


Meet Jessica V. Taylor. She is a first-time mom, having a baby girl. Soon to be based in Baltimore, Jessica will be birthing at Mercy Hospital. She will be supported by her amazing partner. 
She is originally from Detroit and has lived in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) for 8 years. Professionally, she is a clinical social worker providing therapy in DC and MD. She enjoys reading, church, film, the arts and eating!!! Her passion would be helping women move through the therapeutic process towards healing, clarity, fulfillment, passions and purpose in life. She really enjoys book clubs or small groups at church. She loves a good game night or exploring a new museum. 
She was brought to The Melanin Bump through a Facebook event. This was her first maternity shoot. She had not prioritized it yet as she is still fairly early along in her pregnancy. Between working, moving, and both parents busy with work, finding a photographer to work within their budget was not on the to-do list. 
She feels she is no more deserving of a maternity shoot than any other woman. She does think it’s beautiful to be more present and show our community the beauty of pregnancy in a positive light. She believes that contributors should support the photo collection because it’s creating memories for families and communities that will last forever. It will help with mom, family and even the child feeling loved and secure someday.
Jessica feels that The Melanin Bump can help expectants of color with confidence, attaching to baby, pride in your new role, body positivity, so many ways. The documentation of our stories which is often missing or lacking is why The Melanin Bump is a necessary project for Families of Color.
Here’s a few responses from Jessica’s interview. 
What is something you’re looking forward to experiencing with your baby?
Cuddles, bonding, learning her personality and teaching her things. Observing family dots on her!
What are concerns or fears you may have surrounding your birth? and your journey as a Mom?
Being treated well and listened to in the hospital. Feeling isolated and lacking support as a new mom. Finances also worry me, as I’m self-employed and don’t get a “maternity leave.”
Do you feel expectants of color are supported during their pregnancy, labor, and birth? If not, how could the be better supported?
Yes and no. Many of us don’t take the classes or join the groups that give crucial information we need to advocate for ourselves.
What could be something that would best help an Mom of color be more supported?
An easy access guide to all they need to know about everything. Specifically for a mom of color in each area.
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