Candace Smith


Meet Candace Smith, a Baltimore Melanin Bump. She is expecting a surprise, when she births at home with her husband supporting her. She is a mom of three. 

She is a birth worker (birth & postpartum doula), placenta encapsulation specialist, certificate lactation consultant. She is passionate about woman’s health and serving families during their pregnancy and Parenthood. Candace is a military spouse, married to a United States Marine. She enjoys learning and doing new things and being social.
Candace heard about The Melanin Bump from Facebook and has never had a maternity shoot before her shoot with The Melanin Bump. Financial obligation and scheduling stopped her from securing a maternity shoot for her current pregnancy. 
Contributors should support The Melanin Bump because of its mission and will to empower and highlight black women. She feels it can encourage awareness, pride, and celebration of black women during pregnancy and beyond.
Here’s a few responses from Candace’s interview. 
What is something you’re looking forward to experiencing with your baby?
I look forward to experiencing a new bond with my baby. Watching him or her grow.
What are concerns or fears you may have surrounding your birth? and your journey as a Mom?
Adjusting/transitioning from having 3 children to 4.
Do you feel expectants of color are supported during their pregnancy, labor, and birth? If not, how could the be better supported?
It depends on the expectants of color (EOC) birth team, their research, and self advocacy.
What are your thoughts and/or feelings about the care expectants of color receive during the birth experience?
I feel that the care many expectants of color are treated with bias and receive lack of care.
What could be something that would best help an Mom of color be more supported?
Education surrounding childbirth, newborn care and behaviors, breastfeeding info, and Postpartum doula, true family support.
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