Photo Shoot of Aliana McDowney


Meet Alaina McDowney. She is a Melanin Bump based in Washington DC, the nation’s capitol. She is having a baby girl, who will be join her two other siblings. She will be birthing in Washington, DC. 

She’s a wife and mother of 2 as of now. She’s works for the governement. She enjoys making creative things and travels for fun. She saw the Melanin Bump maternity shoot opportunity and instantly got excited as she’ll be 41 when her daughter arrives earthside and has a 10-year gap between her children. Her oldest just started college.
A friend of hers from Facebook informed her about The Melanin Bump. This was her first maternity shoot as she did not have any with her other children. What stopped Alaina from securing a maternity shoot is the financial obligations that come with putting her daughter through college, in addition to an 8-year-old. Her husband and she are saving money to rearrange their home for the new addition.
Receiving the maternity shoot, Alaina loved the opportunity to show how a woman of color and over the age of 40 can still show the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood. She feels that contributors should support the photo project because it is a great opportunity to give woman a chance to be shown in the most beautiful time of motherhood.
Here’s a few responses from Alaina’s interview. 
What is something you’re looking forward to experiencing with your baby?
It’s been 9 years since I’ve giving birth and I excited about the bonding stage in the beginning.
What are concerns or fears you may have surrounding your birth? and your journey as a Mom?
My age and the complications that come along with pregnancy at my age.
What are your thoughts and/or feelings about the care expectants of color receive during the birth experience?
Sometimes we don’t receive all the same treatment opportunities that woman not of color receive.
What could be something that would best help an Mom of color be more supported?
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